Monohill Ltd specialises in the supply of chemicals, polymers and raw materials for the manufacture and production of consumer goods like plastics, cosmetics and detergents. We also specialise in the supply of technical equipment for the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries. We provide worldwide logistics expertise and tier to tier services to end users and producers. We offer not just a sourcing solution but also provide an excellent source of information and expertise to the whole structure of international procurement and supply chain solutions. We source mainly from highly reputable manufacturers and producers around the world enabling us to provide the quality and consistency that is expected by our customers.

We have built strong relationships with our major suppliers that have shown exceptional capacity with regard to quality and service. Due to our large customer base we are able to buy in bulk, thus making our prices very competitive in the market and consistent supply to our customers in the quantities they require be they large or small. Our logistics experience equips us with the expertise to ensure that shipments are made on time and deliveries can be scheduled to suit project requirements.In today's world where time and money are major constraints Monohill provides packages to meet our customers budgets and requirements plus deliver to tight deadlines where prompt service and quality and consistency are key requirements.

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